Render raw html in Kibana markdown

Looking for a way to open link in Kibana markdown in a new tab.

Right now I have links in markdown like this:
[Click me!]( which yields Click me!.
The problem is, back navigation isn't so intuitive in Kibana because of the nature of the requests/behavior. So when users click this, the experience gets a little messy. (Yes, I know if you just use cmd+click it will open in new tab.. but habits are powerful things and I want to streamline the experience)

So I understand there is no target="_blank" equivalent in markdown.

What I'm curious about though, is there a way to render raw HTML in Kibana markdown? I've already tried just running it in plain text, and in a "```html" block, no bingo. So, is it possible to render this:
<a href="" target="_blank">Click me!</a>
in Kibana markdown. I notice that in here, it renders when just in plain text:
Click me!

Any thoughts?

strange, i must be doing something silly here.. even tho the link above has target="_blank" on an <a> tag with href, it is not opening link in new tab when clicked.. you can check for yourself by inspect element. I must be missing something basic, but I think you can get the general gist of the question...

I don't think it'll work as we're using a subset of markdown:

yah, seems like "some" html is valid...