Repair index after too many open files error

We had 'too many open files' error on several nodes and even though we fixed the problem, one shard fell into a sort of a limbo.

# Relevant _cluster/allocation/explain output: = {"in_sync":true,"allocation_id":"xxxx1","store_exception":{"type":"file_system_exception","reason":"/var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices/zzzzzzzid/_state: Too many open files"}} = {"in_sync":false,"allocation_id":"yyyy2"}

The 'usual' POST /_cluster/reroute?retry_failed=true API call does not allocate the shard and although the actual data -- more or less -- can be found on node01 and node02 too, it seems to differ (i.e. Lucene data, translog files, checkpoints have different file size and/or modification time).

Is there a way to force a resync without losing data? (Or w/losing as little as possible...)

A node restart (of node01) resolved the problem. It looks like the allocator was stuck because of the 'too many open files' error.

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