Replace the Kibana icon in Web page tabs

Does anyone know if it is possible to replace Kibana icon with my company icon as well as the title text ?
We are using Kibana 5.4.0 version.

Hi @TrungNguyen3010

It's not possible as built-in functionality, but you could modify the source assets and replace the fav-icon with your own.



U can use this page for generating favicon . (prefer size 2256x256px)
after that, copy all file to

[kibana directory]/src/ui/public/assets/favicons/

Try to remove or install new plugin, kibana will rebuild.

Are u vietnamese?


Thanks all.

After attempting your advice, we are able to change to our company logo.

How about the title text "Kibana" in the Web pages tabs? Can we change it to our company name?

@tatdat: yes

@TrungNguyen3010 in same file, line 12 :slight_smile:

title Kibana

keep "title" , change kibana to your text.

Cũng VN :3

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