Replacing the very last comma in a csv file

Im processing various .csv files thru logstash using windows. I noticed if the csv file contains a comma at the very end of the very last line, logstash seems to pause on this .csv file and not proceed to process the csv file. When i manually remove this very last comma in the last line, then Logstash will process it for indexing.

Is this a known behavior of Logstash? If so, how do i grep for and place the last line and end of line orphan comma of a .csv file? I have experimented with filter section of logstash conf file and using mutate, gsub to achieve this with no luck. Am i on the right track? I will post relevant parts of conf file, if so.

Thanks in advance.

Basically it is waiting for the next field to fill the columns you have defined.
There isn't a good way to get around this unfortunately.