Replica distribution

I've had my index with 10 shard on a Windows server.

Now I'm building a Linux ES cluster. I've started with two servers.
I configured it all and moved my index here. After that I raised replicas number form 0 to 1.

Now I have al the shards on one server and all the replicas on the other one.

How can I configure it, that half of the shards would be on the first server and half on the other?
Isn't this better to quicken search?

You can not control this as Elasticsearch can promote replicas to primaries as needed, meaning that this may change over time.

No. Primaries and replicas generally handle the same indexing and query load, so for most use cases this does not matter. The only exception I can think of is when you are using updates, especially scripted updates, where the update operation is performed on the primary before the resulting document is replicated.

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