Replica or not?


I am new and I have a question

I have an application that puts data into an 'A' index that can be read by users

In case of human errors (wrong algorithm), I end up with an index 'A' with bad data

I would like to put this data on another 'A2' index

Validate if everything went well:
if I validate: switch 'A2' to 'A' and 'A' to 'A2', users have new data
if I do not validate: do not switch, users still have the right data

When I say "switch", it means that the application is careful to choose the right index, I do not migrate the data

Before implementing this, I want to know if the notion of replica indexes can fill my need or if it is something completely internal that is there in case of failure

thank you

I think not, because there is no way to arrange for a replica to have different content from the primary.

But you might be interested in aliases which add a layer of indirection that would let you transparently redirect users to a different index.

Thank you for your quick reply

I will look at the aliases

The aliases work for me

Thank you

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