Replica shard does not get assigned to nodes after cluster recovery


I had the elasticsearch cluster down because the nodes lost connectivity to eachother. After successfully recovering all the unassigned shards and got the cluster back in green status. I started to bring up the other nodes then set the number_of_replicas to 1. But all the replicas are unassigned. How can I make them assigned so that I have a replica of each shard.

          "state" : "UNASSIGNED",
          "primary" : false,
          "node" : null,
          "relocating_node" : null,
          "shard" : 0,
          "index" : "surrogate-keys-v1",
          "version" : 5,
          "unassigned_info" : {
            "reason" : "REPLICA_ADDED",
            "at" : "2017-02-13T10:28:11.068Z"

thanks in advance.

What version are you using? We introduced a cluster allocation explain API in 5.x:

What's the output of this command if you're on 5.x?

It is Elasticsearch 2.3.3

You can use the reroute command and try and allocate the replica shard:

Look for anything in the output that says NO and this is the check that's failing.

Very strange, I get this [NO(target node version [2.3.3] is older than source node version [2.3.4])]. However I've just checked all nodes has the same version of elasticsearch running.


Take a look at:

GET _cat/nodes?h=name,ip,version

Not sure why but one node was on version 2.3.4 while the other nodes where on 2.3.3. However the elasticsearch package install was 2.3.3 on all nodes. I have updated all the nodes to 2.3.4 and not everything is back on track.

Thanks for the help.

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