Replicas and Field Data Cache

We're trying to estimate the amount of memory we'll need for the fielddata
cache. Do replicas increase the amount of fielddata cache used? I imagine
that they would but I wanted to get confirmation of this. If I have 3
documents indexed with a string field of 1 character each in a single node
with 1 replica I would expect about the following amount of field data
cache is used:

2 bytes for a single character string * 3 documents = 6 bytes.

If replicas of that data add to the field cache then it would double to 12

That doesn't account for Object references, wrappers or whatever is holding
memory but I wanted to make sure the basic logic is correct for estimating
the fielddata cache size. I want to test this theory but I wanted to check
first with others who might be more familiar with the fielddata cache

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