Reporting - CSV Export: reached the max size and contains partial data


I get following error when exporting my data:
Your report for the "mySearch" search is ready;however, it reached the max size and contains partial data. Pick it up from Management > Kibana > Reporting

How can I increase the max number of exported bytes / events / whatever?

Thanks, Andreas

Add xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes: 20971520 to kibana.yml. Value is in bytes. Default is 10485760


cool, thanks

What is the Maximum Value for xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes?
We understand it can have performance impacts, but for Use Cases where this is acceptable to meet customer requirement, how big can we make this?

@Patrick_Maroney the CSV export creates a single document that is then stored in Elasticsearch, so the maximum is dependent on what Elasticsearch itself can support. There's http.max_content_length setting discussed here that you'l have to keep the xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeByte under or it'll error out when inserting the document into Elasticsearch.

With that being said, making this value too much larger than the default 10 mB limit is untested and unsupported, and this should be done at your own risk and it has the potential to negatively affect the performance of your Elasticsearch cluster.

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