Reporting on success of firmware upgrades for embedded devices


I'm trying to put together a dashboard / alerts to check on the success rate of firmware upgrades for some embedded devices. I want to display the results with Grafana but I can't quite figure out the logic.

In short, the device will (through an HTTP RESTful service) write an ES document just before the firmware upgrade starts (device ID, timestamp, version number) and then write another document after it comes back online a few minutes later.

I want to find the number of devices which have not come back online within, say, five minutes.

How might I do that?



wouldnt this be much easier, if the process updated the same document (about an upgrade process), that has something like a status field, that contained a value like STARTED (after the first request) and FINISHED after the second? Then a query with a range of the last 5 minutes and the status started could easily answer your question.

You could also try something like parent child or join two documents together on the client side, but this seems the easiest way (from the information I read so far).


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Ha - I actually decided on updating an existing document yesterday, but couldn't see a way to delete my original post. Thanks for letting me know I'm on the right path :slight_smile:

Better to leave it so it helps others in future :slight_smile:

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