Repository on SAN


My current setup has 1 dedicated master node and 2 master+data nodes to avoid the split brain problem. I have to archive the indices every 2 months and have common SAN for the 2 data nodes. I have gone through the Curator documentation and need your inputs. I'm not sure how SAN works -

  1. Can I mount the same SAN directory on both the data nodes?
  2. Can I create a repository on SAN using Curator?
  3. Do I have to snapshot indices from both the data nodes or just one as one data node contains all the data

Thanks in advance!

You must mount the SAN directory on all data and master nodes in exactly the same path.

There is a hidden, command-line script called es_repo_mgr that gets installed alongside Curator at install time. It can help with that. The command-line has extensive help dialogues to help with that process. Feel free to ask for more assistance here.

Snapshots are always cluster-wide. While Curator will only need to connect to a single node in the cluster, the Elasticsearch Snapshot API is always cluster-wide. It is not possible to snapshot just the indices from a given node.

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