Representing the Document values in Kibana table

We are parsing ASA logs in Elastic search in following format . Around 1000 logs per minutes are ingested into elasticsearch . My requirement is to able to take each message and show them real time in Kibana table to users so they can search the values from table . We want table to represent each message in the following format

timestamp , src_ip , dst_ip ,src_port, dst_port,action , ciscotag, reason , cisco message ,hashcode1 ,hashcode2

I have tried to create the table using Term aggregation , however I have seen an issue when ,hashcode1 ,hashcode2 missing from the message ( which is normal ) I dont see any values in the table .

I was wondering if there is any way where I match the _id of each document and populate all the required values int the table and if any value missing from the document , it should just ignore .

@timestamp June 1st 2017, 18:48:58.258t
@version 1
_id AVxkxlQcZZ8zmTPO84Aq
_index logstash_asalogs-2017.06.01
_score -
_type cisco-fw
action permitted
cisco_message access-list external_access_in permitted udp external/ -> inside/ hit-cnt 1 first hit [0xde8dd1d7, 0xbb4301cd]

ciscotag ASA-6-106100
dst_interface inside
dst_port 53
hashcode1 0xde8dd1d7
** hashcode2 0xbb4301cd**
hit_count 1
interval first hit
message <182>Jun 01 2017 18:48:58: %ASA-6-106100: access-list external_access_in permitted udp external/ -> inside/ hit-cnt 1 first hit [0xde8dd1d7, 0xbb4301cd]
policy_id external_access_in
protocol udp
src_interface external
src_port 62525
syslog_facility local6
syslog_facility_code 22
syslog_pri 182
syslog_severity informational
syslog_severity_code 6
tags pre-processed, Firewall, ASA, _geoip_lookup_failure
timestamp Jun 01 2017 18:48:58
type cisco-fw

Below the table setting in Kibana

The solution that I see to your problem is to create 2 filters on the dashboard(easiest way to do there) that have "exist" for both of your fields: hashcode1 and hashcode2.
The way you do this is to expand a document on the discover page that contains these fields and the click on the asterisk next to the field name (4th icon that row) which does "Filter for field present". After that you need to pin the filters so that they are available on the datatable as well.

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