Reproduce 206 Partial result


I had a problem in production that seems related to a 206 partial response being returned when I restarted one of my node for maintenance.

I'm trying to reproduce this but I had no luck for now. Is there any procedure that I can follow to reproduce a partial shard fail on an index with only 1 primary and 1 replica.

I'm using ES 7.10.1 on a 3 nodes cluster

Thank you !

I don't think Elasticsearch ever returns the HTTP status code 206 Partial Content, so I suspect this code came from something else in your environment. "Partial shard fail" isn't a thing, shards can only completely fail.

Hi David

Actually I don't have the HTTP access logs on my ES cluster. I assumed that was a 206, but I was not sure. Now that I found [DOCS] Document 200 http code response for partial results by jrodewig · Pull Request #40367 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub I'm sure that wasn't a 206 :slight_smile:

But I'm sure that ES responded with a subset of document since the process doing the request is doing a diff between a PostgreSQL and ES and it detected that documents were missing in ES.

With partial shard failure, I was refering to Search API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.x] | Elastic

This option is not set to false on my cluster settings or on queries so I assume that ES could in extreme circumstances respond with a partial answer.

Am I right ? And If I am, how could I replicate this ?

I've tried to restart data nodes multiple times but I wasn't able to reproduce this, even if I restart 2 of the 3 nodes at the same time I get a "hard" failure but not a partial response (which is expected).

Yes, that makes more sense. It'd still be a 200 OK but may not contain results from all shards.

I imagine a well-timed node shutdown or network partition would do it, but you might need more nodes and/or zero replicas to increase your chances of success.

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