Request for Filebeat AWS CloudTrail Documentation/Configuration Options for s3prefix, etc

Regarding CloudTrail setup in filebeat for delivery via SQS Message and S3 Object Get:

Current setup only allows read if the CloudTrail is pointed to the root of the S3 bucket.

  • Could a 'var.s3prefix' option be added to config to allow for more flexibility?
  • Could this requirement be included in documentation at least?

Options 'var.process_cloudtrail_logs' and 'var.process_insight_logs' are not documented.

  • Could these be documented?

Getting this set up correctly cost me a few hours of code diving.

For anyone who finds this ticket looking for answers: my working filebeat aws cloudtrail module looks like this:

- module: aws
    enabled: true
    var.queue_url: https://sqs.etc...
    var.process_cloudtrail_logs: true
    var.process_insight_logs: true
    var.max_number_of_messages: 50

And my CloudTrail destination bucket root starts with 'AWSLogs/'. It will not work if you nest 'AWSLogs/' under 'cloudtrail1/' or anything like that.

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