Requests coming from Postman does not reflected in API logs of App search

We are using Enterprise search deployed to OpenShift with ECK and we are facing strange issue with App search...API requests are not registered into API logs if they are coming from API call with Postman for example. But when you search something or insert docs using App search UI those requests are normally written to the API logs. Any idea what can be the issue. Of course API logs is set to "true" in app search settings.

Hi Vjatseslav Jertsalov -

Can you give a bit more detail on your issue to ensure it's clear? Are you saying that API requests are not being logged from some request connections, but are being logged from others? Also - is it all requests? Or just certain ones (e.g. search requests, or document update requests, etc.)?

Hi Mark!

Yes. When I do whatever request (document search, regular search etc.) from Postman of my working laptop to the API of Elastic cloud on Kubernetes instance of Enterprise search. Its App search part does not register that request in the App search GUI. But when I login into App search GUI and insert document true it or search something inside GUI all those things are getting registered into App search API logs GUI. I suspect that somehow filebeat can not ship that request info coming from postman to the Elasticsearch api_logs index. One point here is that I also have to use basic authentication along with API key to get Response back from App search APIs in postman. Not shore thou if it affects anyhow on this topic.

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