Requirement to build logstah core module to generate a custom logstah for a specific purpose

I have a requirement to edit the logstash core, and generate a kind of build out of it.
Need to customize logstash code to resist over the below mechanism.

Logstash has an at-least-once delivery model. Every event is sent to each output at least once.
Where as what i need is.
When one output is blocked, just ignore it and send the messages to other output system.

Can I customize the Logstash core code from the Logstash repo and generate build out of it. To achieve my requirement. ?

I'm sure it is possible, but I would have no idea where to start.

You can also achieve it in logstash by linking a udp output to a udp input. See this thread.

Thanks @Badger , let me try this approach and see.

If I get correctly LS logic, outputs are like independent plugins with own codes, logic and settings. For ES output, maybe to start here.

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