Reset index lifecycle settings

OK, I was slow to the ILM awareness party - I upgraded to 7.0 originally back in late April, and didn't notice until much later that all the data I was looking at was sitting in a single "logstash" index that kept growing and never cycled like it did by date with 6.x. Data was lost, but that particular index was stored redundantly anyway so lesson learned, I move on, and now I discover what ILM is.

The problem is it took me a bit to get my head wrapped around it and what I'd like to do is to remove all ILM settings that I've put in and start over. The reason I want to do this is I've fiddled a little here, a little there, and much of that was before I had a clue. Instead of picking through the haystack for needles I left, I'd like to just reset ILM and start over. Is there any way do to do that, or do I need to look for a metal detector to try and help me find these needles I threw in? :slight_smile:

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