[RESOLVED] API to list all watchers

I am a bit puzzled about this one. While checking the documentation for X-Pack Watcher APIs, I cannot see a basic API that would return the list of existing watchers.

I can see that Kibana is using the GET https://kibana.server.com/api/watcher/watches but that seems to be a Kibana API, not X-Pack API though it is not documented among Kibana APIs.

Am I missing something or that API is (for some reason) not public? :thinking: Thank you!

Hi Victor,

I think this will help you. List All Watches

We don't have an API to list all watches, so you can query the .watches index.

Hello Michael,

Somehow it did not occur to me that I can just do the search. :nerd_face: It works perfectly fine for me. Thanks a lot for the tip! :+1:

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