[resolved] Failing parameter ("size", "sort", ...) in query

is there a parameter or configuration that change the behavior of the query "size" parameter.
Using a Elastic 5.4.1 i was surprise that

GET _search
{ "size" : 1
  ,"query": {"match_all": {}}

found effectively millions of hits but return the traditionalm (default) 10 hits where I expect only 1. I try several format (size after the query, adding "from" attribut, specific index, ...) failed to return only 1 hit. A quick test on another Elastic confirm that the query should return 1 hit.

the head of reply show no problem

  "took": 187,
  "timed_out": false,
  "_shards": {
    "total": 321,
    "successful": 321,
    "failed": 0
  "hits": {
    "total": 7471874,
    "max_score": 1,
    "hits": [ ... the 10 {} ...


your expectation is correct. Testing this locally worked for me as well (by copy/pasting your snippet).

can you supply a full recreation for us? Create an index, index more than one document and then execute the query? Also what is your setup? Which JVM version? Installed via RPM/Deb?

Just to be sure, you dont accidentally send a request using ?size=1 as a parameter or sth, as that would not work as expected.


Found the problem. After a server patch, HTTP work without data tranmission on GET request (where it accept it before). Using the POST version solve the problem.

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