[resolved]RSS Feed ELK setup

Looking for documentation for feeding an RSS feed into Kibana. I saw a video posted in a previous discussion but I believe it was couple versions behind so the syntax was off. I have tried setting the input in the logstash conf file but I'm not sure if the filter is setup correctly so it wont pull in anything from the feed but any help or push in the right direction to get this feed working properly would be great.

Kibana is a User Interface that sits on top of elasticsearh. If you want to view an RSS feed in Kibana then you must first ingest the RSS feed into elasticsearch. Logstash has an RSS input that can be used for this task https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/plugins-inputs-rss.html

I looked at that link but it didnt help all that much. It just shows options with no actual examples besides the id plugin configuration. Im looking for additional input on the filter part i guess, not sure how to grab only the data I need from the rss feed and to store as fields and ignore the other stuff. I was looking for a basic example that way I would have a good idea on what I may need to do. I pasted some of my code below:

input {
	rss {
				url => "insert url here"
				interval => 900
				tags => 'rss_feed'

output {
                if "rss_feed" in [tags] {
         elasticsearch {
                 hosts => "localhost:9200"
                 index => "trends"
                 document_type => "m_trends"

This topic can be removed. I found another way of accomplishing what i need

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