Rest API for elastic apm

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Am new to elastic and trying to explore elastic apm and its capabilities..So is there a way to export data from elastic apm via rest api or something?


Hi Gopikrishnan!

If you have APM set up with an agent in your app, APM Server and Elasticsearch, you can access the data just like would with any data in Elasticsearch. The APM data is, in the end, just documents in Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch provides a REST api, see

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Hi @mikker

how can I get total request count and response time from of a request for a last hour directly via rest api since in document in elastic search i will have to check multiple documents for last hour and aggregate.

@gopikrishnan there is no REST API to query those metrics directly; you'll need to query the underlying data, using Elasticsearch queries, as a combination of search & aggregation.

You may find the dashboards useful, as a source of inspiration for forming those queries:

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for the update. We will check on this and update

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