REST API spec available for x-pack?

Elasticsearch has published the REST API specifications to the public. This is really helpful for e.g. non-official clients, as some are relying on tooling around the JSON files.

Are you planning to publish the REST API specifications for X-Pack as well? Are they already available (couldn't find it)?


Hi Oliver,

Yes there are published API docs. They're not exactly for "X-Pack" but for each of the plugins in X-Pack.

Does that help? Or something else you're looking for?


Hi Lee,

thanks for your response. Sure, that helps. But the docs typically describe the general form of using the API.

I'll probably have a different perspective than most users. As a maintainer of an unofficial client for Go, the docs are incomplete. Don't get me wrong: The docs are fine, it's just that its end-user documentation, not a specification. I have tooling to generate a code skeleton from the API spec. If in doubt, I'll lookup the Java code. If I only have the docs, I would sometimes need to guess.

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Hi Oliver

The .NET client has a copy of them in its public repository:

On our dev branches 5.x, master they might be out of date but on the tags they should reflect the state at the time that elasticsearch release.

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Hi Martijn!

Awesome. Thank you very much!


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