REST API Spec documentation

Converting some old integration tests as REST calls using the yaml spec and
I was wondering if there is documentation built from the spec files

On a development note, when was the last time master was pulled into the
5.x branch? There is a change from July that I would love to see in 5.x,
but it seems like it fully diverged from master before that point. Perhaps
there is a git command to find out when branches were merged? (commit in





we usually cherry-pick commits into lower branches, we never merge a branch. This one did not make it into any 5.x branch, and as 5.x is in bugfixing mode, we try to keep changes as low as possible for now.

Regarding your git question, not sure about that, except checking the version labels of github PRs, that should reveal which versions a PR is supposed to enter (and still this is error prone, I know :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


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