Rest High Level Client - TimeoutException

Hello Folks

When I use client.updateAsync I am getting the java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException within onFailure method. I see the messages comes through to Kibana, so it almost feels like annoying exception but I definitely don't understand it fully.

Some details now:

ElasticSearch 6.2.2 running in a docker mode and process is using Rest High Level client version 6.2.2

The process is Apache Storm in LocalCluster mode. A bolt is executing updateAsync.

So questions:

  1. What exactly is timing out? Is it posting to ES thats timing out or a Storm thread? Let me remind that this exception is coming withing onFailure method.

  2. Is there a way to increase this timeout?

  3. The exception is not clear, when I do e.getMessage() it comes back as null but I get a stack trace (which I will post if there's a request).

  4. Should I perhaps not even be using Rest High Level client within Storm process?

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards,

not sure what you mean with "I see the messages comes through to Kibana".

When you use an async method, it is expected that no exceptions will be thrown by the method itself, but you will be notified through the listener once the operation has been completed successfully (onResponse) and when there was a problem (onFailure).

Could you please post the stacktrace of the exception that you get? Then we can figure out which timeout it is and we can do about it.


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