Restart replication on elasticsearch 2.3.3 without restart

Hello I have an elasticsearch cluster 2.3.3 and the cluster stopped replicating because one of the nodes had the disk amost full. After I have solved the full disk issue the replication does not restart by itself. Is there a way to restart the replication without restarting the cluster? This is very important since it's handling production data.


I have removed the nodes which had disk issues and added some new nodes, but the cluster is not replicating to the new nodes.

curl localhost:19266/_cat/shards                3 p STARTED           0    160b                3 r UNASSIGNED                                                               4 p STARTED           2 803.3kb                4 r UNASSIGNED                                                               2 p STARTED           0    160b                2 r UNASSIGNED                                                               1 p STARTED           1  16.3kb                1 r UNASSIGNED                                                               0 p STARTED           0    160b                0 r UNASSIGNED                  

as you can see the cluster has three nodes:

curl localhost:19266/_cat/nodes  2 76 0.33 d m   7 96 0.21 d m  46 93 0.28 d *            

Any way I can force the cluster to replicate on the 2 new nodes?

I found out that the reason for which the new nodes were not replicating was the different version of elasticsearch

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