Restarting Elasticsearch node 2.0

I used to run curl -XPOST 'http://localhost:9200/_shutdown' to shut down all nodes and start one node at a time during cluster restarts in order not to re balance the shard allocation.

Since this command is disabled in Elasticsearch 2.0. How do we restart the cluster with out rebalancing the shard allocation?

You should be able to disable allocation with the API. I don't have a link
handy, sorry!

I have 3 nodes running elasticsearch 2.0 with minimum master node =2.

Are the following steps seem ok?

I run the following command on all three nodes
PUT /_cluster/settings
"persistent": {
"cluster.routing.allocation.enable": "none"

2.shut down/kill the elasticsearch process on all three servers.

While starting nodes, start each node and enable the allocation.


Sounds good. If you are doing a full cluster restart wait until they are
back and then reenable allocation. You might want to synced flush first as
it should make the restart faster.