RestFilter, RestFilterChain, RestController changes after 5.1.2


I am in the process upgrading my plugin to ElasticSearch 5.6.8 from ElasticSearch 5.1.2.
From ES 5.2 onwards, The classes RestFilter and RestFilterChain has been removed from ElasticSearch API.

My Current code goes like this
public abstract class PluginSecurityFilter extends RestFilter
Where I @override process method to implement my own.

Where in I use the
RestFilterChain.continueProcessing(RestRequest, RestChannel, NodeClient); to send my RestRequest

However the Classes themselves are removed. Please let me know what is the workaround for the same?

Also in RestController.registerFilter(.. method has been removed in ES 5.6.8

Thanks in Advance.

To add further, My plugin intercepts every RestRequest to ElasticSearch and applies some security and authentication guidelines on it, and it is satisfied, I continueProcessing the RequestRequest.

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