RestHighLevelClient and SyncedFlushRequest

I just shifted from 7.6.2 to 8.6.2 with Elasticsearch, and I wanted to continue to use the RestHighLevelClient. After doing some research, I found out about compatibility mode, and read that this was a way to make it all work. After transitioning over, I created 2 beans that set up RestHighLevelClient in compatibility mode, but I keep getting an error message on build talking about syncedFlushRequest class not being found. After searching through the files there was no direct use that Incould see, and the stack trace brought me to the .build() line from the RestHighLevelClientBuilder. Could you explain why I keep getting this error? I even tried setting an enviornment variable called ELASTIC_CLIENT_APIVERSIONING to true.

Nothing seems to be working and I have been stuck trying to get this issue fixed for almost a week, can you help me with this? If you guys need any more information or resources please let me know and I will provide any details as needed.

To add more context, the specific error says:

Error creating bean with name 'rhlClient' defined in cass path resource [reasourcename] : failed to initiate [org.elastocsearch.client.resthighlevelclient]:
Factory method 'rhlClient' threw exception with message: org/elasticsearch/action/admin/indices/flush/SyncedFlushRequest

I tried searching for all flushes used, and there is no direct use of a syncedFlush

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