Restore an Elasticsearch 6.2 to Elasticsearch 7.7?


Based on the reference documentation it should be possible to restore a snapshot taken on Elastic 6.x on a 7.x cluster:

I've tried this with no success. What I did is this:

  • Create a fs repo in the 6.2 cluster
  • Take a snapshot
  • Copy entire repo folder to 7.7 cluster
  • Create fs repo with copied files in 7.7 cluster

When i now try to list the snapshots in the repo, i get an empty list back

curl -X GET "localhost:9200/_cat/snapshots/myrepo?v"
id status start_epoch start_time end_epoch end_time duration indices successful_shards failed_shards total_shards

No warnings or errors in the logs.
When i create a new snapshot on 7.7 its created and then is also listed with the above command, but the 6.2 snapshot remains missing.

Any idea what I might do wrong? Do I misread the documentation and it not supported?


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