Restore Elasticsearch index

Hi for the all
i have 2 Elasticsearch (1 for PROD and 1 for DEV Environment)
and i already set a NFS partition (repository) for backup ALL indexes from PROD through bash script.
and we have the same indexes on the DEV Elasticsearch but with different data within. and today developer said that he wants a full copy of 2 indexes from PROD to DEV. i've already have full index backup!
I Know how to restore all indexes, but how can i choose the only 2 indexes? not the full restore of indexes?
for example i have snapshot which countains this guys

"snapshot" : "elasticsearch_all_indicies_25_06_2018",
"uuid" : "aGzmhyOkmlkfmflnslndfs",
"version_id" : 5060699,
"version" : "5.6.6",
"indices" : [
"state" : "SUCCESS",
"start_time" : "2018-06-24T23:30:01.978Z",
"start_time_in_millis" : 1529883001978,
"end_time" : "2018-06-24T23:30:06.765Z",
"end_time_in_millis" : 1529883006765,
"duration_in_millis" : 4787,
"failures" : [ ],
"shards" : {
"total" : 75,
"failed" : 0,
"successful" : 75

and for example i need to restore to DEV only orders and params indexes, not the whole set, how can i do that? thank you

Per you can use "indices" to specify specific indexes to restore.

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