Restoring indices from S3 repository

I took a snapshot of an elastic cluster (version 7.17.8) and saved it on an Amazon S3 repository before the cluster was deleted. Although, I am able to see the backup files in the s3 bucket, I have been unable to restore the indices to a new cluster I created (with the same settings and version as the old one). I registered the same s3 bucket with the data from the old cluster as the repository for the new cluster and I am still unable to see the data. Is there any documentation for this or has anyone has had this issue before and fixed it?

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Why not? What commands did you run? What was the response for each of them?

Hello @iyin , pretty sure there is some minor mistake in your configuration for S3 repo. It should work smoothly and you should be able to connect same bucket to different clusters without any issues.

Thanks @Ayush_Mathur, @warkolm . I discovered the issue. I did not specify the same basepath for the old repository when I created the new repo. I have resolved it and I am able to see the snapshots.


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