Restricting Filter Options in Shared Kibana Dashboards


I'm sharing Kibana dashboards with clients that contain metrics from various indexes. Clients need to interact with these dashboards embedded in a web page, including using the filter bar for analysis. However, the filter bar exposes all client keys in the database, which is a privacy concern.

Attempts to limit access through user roles have led to the issue where the visualizations can't access the necessary 'client' attribute, impacting the dashboard functionality.

Is there a way to let clients use the filter bar but restrict them from seeing or using the 'client' key filter, ensuring they only see their data?

I'm using Kibana with Elastic Cloud, no selfhosting server.

Appreciate any insights or alternative approaches.

you need to look into document level security: Document level security | Elasticsearch Guide [8.11] | Elastic
This can limit people to only documents that match their client ID.
The last example on the page is pretty much what you need.

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