Resulting Error while indexing date values in elasticsearch?

I Have created date_withdrawn filed of type date in mapping.The problem was while I'm bulk indexing in some documents we have date_withdrawn=" " and it is raising the following error.

  "error": {
    "root_cause": [
        "type": "mapper_parsing_exception",
        "reason": "failed to parse [date_withdrawn]"
    "type": "mapper_parsing_exception",
    "reason": "failed to parse [date_withdrawn]",
    "caused_by": {
      "type": "illegal_argument_exception",
      "reason": "Invalid format: \"\""
  "status": 400

Please find and help me to accept date field with ""

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"" is not a date and is not parseable.

Don't send the date instead of sending an empty field.

But you can change your mapping and use ignore_malformed field. See

If you are using elasticsearch 5.0, you can also define an ingest pipeline to parse the date and in case of exception, remove the date field. But it's definitely easier to do that from your source instead of in elasticsearch.

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