Results not consolidated

Hi all,

I have a problem and I don't find the reason, here is the crime scene:

  • A cluster with 6 nodes v.2.4.4, same kind of machine, same config, all is green

  • An index with documents (~75 millions) and nested objects in = total ~255 millions docs

  • Those documents are sometime updated by a Java application using the UpdateByQueryAction
    and a groovy script in order to add or remove ID in a field.

              UpdateByQueryRequestBuilder contactRequestBuilder = UpdateByQueryAction.INSTANCE.newRequestBuilder(client);
      		BulkIndexByScrollResponse contactResponse = contactRequestBuilder
          			.script(new Script("adddel_intlong_in_listfield", ScriptService.ScriptType.FILE, "groovy", scriptParams))

In an other hand I have a query, running from the Head plugin. When I execute
this query many times I have 3 different results, and that's my big problem:

Results are simplified by this columns [NAME, DOC VERSION, SCORE]

First batch :
A - version 4 - 16
E - version 5 - 7

Second batch :
A - version 5 - 16
H - version 4 - 10

Second batch :

What we expect is a consolidate results like:
A - version 5 - 16
H - version 4 - 10
E - version 5 - 7

NOTE: I have a same Test index with no update and only one node and we have the good results.

I wonder if this is not a problem with the versioning ? The Java code with the abortOnVersionConflict(false) ?

Any suggestion is welcome !

Thanks !

This is not a version problem, but still don't have consolidated results...

Doc named A are not the same in fact (not the same ID) , but I can't have :

A("_id": "39132147")
A("_id": "9660397")
E ("_id": "36495413")
H ("_id": "35836553")

So strange...

Note to myself :slight_smile:

It seems that there is something strange with my index... I had 3 kind of results and I had 1 primary and 2 replicas... Since I remove replicas, wait and reset 1 replica, I always have the same result...

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