Retrieve value based on a single field using metric - Timelion

Hello All,

I have been trying to understand and utilize Time series in my project. I actually want to fetch data of a particular index based on a metric "sum" of field LastQty_Tag_32 and split them based on another field to know about the progress of it.

.es(timefield="Time_Tag",index="outbound", metric="sum:LastQty")

I am able to acheive till metric based evaluation and I am not sure how to do the split of based on particular field
called "Symbol_Tag" here.

If I'm understanding correctly, you should be able to append split=field:number_of_terms to your query.
e.g .es(timefield="Time_Tag",index="outbound", metric="sum:LastQty", split=Symbol_Tag:10)

it worked. Thank you.

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