Retrieving parent document according to relations between child documents

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I am new to ES – so, please bear with me.

My data model is parent-child relationship.

The parent document contains attributes of people. The child document
contains time and location for that person. In a relational model, it would
look like:

Create Table Parent (

            personId int,

            personName varchar);

Create table child (

            personId Int,

            Location varchar,

            detectionTime dateTime);

A possible query on this model is:

"A person named X that was spotted at location A, and then, within 10
minutes, was spotted at location B"

In SQL, it would look like:

"select personId, C1.detectionTime

From person, child as C1, child as C2


Parent.personId = C1.personId,

Parent.personId = C2.personId,

C1.location = A,

C2.location = B,

personName = X,

C2.detectionTime between C1.detectionTime and C1.detectionTime + 10

The "between" part of the query is the problem. No retrieval system that I
am aware of can do it.

I guess the way to ask it is to request a parent document with name=X,
that has child document\s with location A, and child document\s with
location B. Once the parent and child documents are retrieved – the
requesting program will filter the results that do not match the "within 10
minutes" condition.

This solution is far from optimal:

  1.   Wasted bandwidth in returning documents that will be filtered out.
  2.   Wasted computation on ranking and sorting those documents
  3.   Invalidates facets

I there a way do the filtering at the shard level? (Even if it requires

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