Return distance when using location-based scoring

I use function_score to create my custom score based on the distance
between the user and a place.

"function_score": {
"functions": [
"gauss": {
"location": {
"origin": "47.3942675,0.6949399",
"scale": "40km",
"decay": 0.5
"query": { ... // my query

It works quite well. But I wan't ElasticSearch to return the distance (in
km) for each result. I added:

"sort" : [
"_geo_distance" : {
"location" : [0.6949399,47.3942675],
"order" : "asc",
"unit" : "km"

I was wondering... is it the proper way to do it ? Does it force ES to
calculate the distance twice (for scoring & sorting) ? or is it just ok ?

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