Return specified fields using spring data elastic search

I have a document User having fields like User(id, name, address, List ) etc. depending upon request we want to return either these three: id, name, address or all the fields, by default ElasticsearchRepository find** methods return all the fields, we kinda want to do something similar to projection , is there any way to achieve this in spring data? we do not want to use ElasticsearchRestTemplate and write our own custom queries.

You could do this using a NativeQueryBuilder and the ElasticsearchOperations class. Alternatively you could have a second repository class, that returns a user with less attributes.

Thanks. But for first option we still need to right our own queries right? We want to use ready-made methods provided by spring data, is there any other way to do this? and in option 2, are you proposing to make new document class with less fields?

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