Reviving Elasticsearch 5.0.0

My Elastic Stack is correctly up and running with Logstash , Kibana and Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is running as a daemon (/etc/init.d/elasticsearch start|stop etc...).

Sometimes due to low memory Elasticsearch fails and kibana status turns red. I obviously need to upgrade my memory and i did to 8 GB but still i want to be 100% sure that it will never crash/fail .

My question is how can i get Elasticsearch to run again as a daemon after it fails?

It fails rarely but it does.. so when it does i want it to run again.

My Elasticsearch version is 5.0.0 , im using ubuntu 16.04 and i followed these steps

in addition , supervisor is not ideal for this issue because it can't handle daemons.

Well you can setup something to autorestart ES, but that never solves the problem of why it stopped.
That's a whole other thing to deal with and I am not sure there is a simple solution.

Hi Dimitris,

it looks like you are using upstart, so you could investigate the respawn stanza in your upstart script

And +1 with what Mark said you should investigate why ES crash.
ES can run with low memory, I use ES_HEAP_SIZE=1g (in ES shell script) in two VM and never had a crash

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