Right IPv6 Field,Wrong Visualize Display In Kibana


I'm newbie on ELK Stack and test it about a Month ago.
Got a issue with IPv6 field with many colon(:slight_smile: ,when visualize like this

But search this field is right

Display full IPv6 string,no separate by colon(:slight_smile: in visualize will better!
Have any idea fix it?

Use the .raw version of the field instead.

Thank you,warkolm.
Although I can't find .raw file and have not fix this issue,because the indices using bulk api and import from another application,bypass Logstash.
But I know if I can change mapping index to not_analyzed when bulk api not auto mapping. After "agg" the IPv6 format will display correctly.
Final stats > NOT FIX!

Problem resolved.
Use Default Mapping let the field into not_analyzed!