Rollover actions over custom field


I would like to know if it is possible to make a rollover action for a custom date field, if not, it is possible to write a custom plugin to achieve this?

Thank you

Rollover is based on the age of the index, not fields within the data.

Understood, but there is a way to have a rollover action based on a custom field?

No, there is not. It might help if you explained the problem you are trying to solve and what you are looking to achieve.

I have a big index and I want to split it by a specific field date and I want to split it in multiple indexes smaller in size so I can improve query performance. Also, I don't really want to script it.

Rollover does not split existing indices, so is not the right tool. You probably need to reindex your index into a number of separate indices covering different time periods.

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