Rollover API not incrementing time based indices

(Dan Whitacre) #1

Hey all. I am on ES 5.1.1 and I am trying to use the _rollover api. I have an index test-2017.05.18-1 with an alias test-w. When calling the rollover api with max_age 0d, my new index associated with the test-w alias is test-2017.05.18-000002. The doc here ( seems to indicate that date math should be applied as well, to create an index test-2017.05.19-000002, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Am I misunderstanding the doc, or am I doing something incorrectly?

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

The end number will increment, not the date part.

(Dan Whitacre) #3

In the docs its says this though -> "Rolls over to a new index with today’s date, e.g. logs-2016.10.31-000002 if run immediately, or logs-2016.11.01-000002 if run after 24 hours"

(Dan Whitacre) #4

@theuntergeek So are the docs wrong? Or is this a bug?

(Dan Whitacre) #5

Opened an issue:

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