Rollover: from Hot to Warm nodes - limit per 'max_concurrent_file_chunks' and/or 'max_bytes_per_sec'?

I have hot phase indexes on certain elasticsearch nodes.

Is it possible to set the index rollover data transmission rate on data flow: hot nodes => warm nodes?

I mean, 'max_concurrent_file_chunks' and/or 'max_bytes_per_sec' as for recovery?

What possibilities do we have to define and manipulate the speed of such data flow?

Yes, those two settings are the ones to use. "Recovery" is the name of the process used to move shards between nodes so these settings apply.

Is there a limit to the maximum amount of 'max_concurrent_file_chunks' per cluster?
Is there any option?

Yes, the limit for max_concurrent_file_chunks is 5.

But I mean limit not per node, but per cluster.

Is it possible to set this limit per cluster? For example, equal to 8?

No, there's no cluster-wide limit. I'm not sure I understand why you would want such a thing.

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