Rollover Index reaches maximum number

Hello Team

I am using Elasticsearch version 7.8.0

I am having Rollover define for my indices.

I would like to understand , what will happen if my index reaches maximum numbers :


Will its stop after this rollover or it would auto extend to my-index-1000000

I am not getting this information in documents. Could you please help me to understand this scenario.

That is a odd question, but a good one ! So I checked, out of curiosity (because I wouldn't feel comfortable with a one milion index cluster...), in the code.
and as a matter of fact, it does go beyond 1 million and continues to rollover bravely until 231-1 (Java max integer).
If you're into java code, see elasticsearch/ at 705a40850b61c38a9b28b63730608f6fef455159 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

Thank You @vincenbr for your response and solution.

As we understand one shard should be not more than 25GB in size from performance point of view .. we have decided our rollover criteria accordingly.

Currently we are having my-index-001001 reached. Hence wanted to understand the max reaching point of rollover number.

Once again , Thank You.

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