Rollover + Single Index + mapping update =?


We use Elasticsearch for logs, and we're currently:

  • adopting the rollover pattern
  • transitioning to a single index for all our services (versus the ~30 or so that we have currently)
  • implementing ECS

Rollover seems to be straightforward / working well, and the single index seems like it will be do-able (although a lot of work).

My question is: what's the best practise with regard to mapping updates?

I've read that zero-downtime mapping updates are much easier using write aliases, but I'm not sure exactly how to set that up.

I'm presuming that people usually just have a service / cron job that reindexes historical indices; is there anything to be aware of there when also doing rollovers, or is it all just smooth sailing?

I'm hoping that adopting ECS will mean that even if we have a period of time where searches are being carried out across inconsistently-mapped indices, the common schema will reduce the number of 'failed shards' messages when searching...

Any thoughts / advice welcomed!

Thanks :elasticheart:

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