Rollup Aggregation Mismatch in results

ELK - 7.4.1
I have indices in the form of clicks-2019-07-01 date format.

I created an index as clicks-2019-07* and rollup with the aggregation to find the value count of specific term id.
Index: clicks-2019-07* gives - 90k documents and value for id '0000' as 498 (count) I used 30d interval.

Now I decided to do it for the whole complete year, where I used index
clicks-2019-0* which is supposed to calculate for the 9 months.
But I actually got,
Index: clicks-2019-0* gives - 27k documents and value for id '0000' as 198(count)

which is supposed to be higher. Please let me know, how to I aggregate for a field with minimum 90 days where indices are as in datewise.

Thanks in advance

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