Rollup job - remote_transport_exception - ELK-7.4.1

ELK Version - 7.4.1. I'm using Kibana GUI to create rollup index
I am creating a rollup job based on the index pattern, but I need the specific range.
For example: I have index on based on everyday as click-2019-01-20.

Now, I need to use only three months of data like jan, feb, mar
So, it will be click-2019-01*,click-2019-02*,click-2019-03*

It shows pattern match success

But, Kibana throws an error when saving the job
Request failed with a error. [remote_transport_exception] [es7][][cluster:admin/xpack/rollup/put]

and I need to aggreate on the whole period based on term as count. Could you please help me. Thanks for your support.

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