Rollups for entity-centric data

Hey guys,

I've been testing the rollups API and still am not sure if it can do what I'd like. I'm interested in creating an entity-centric data model as discussed by @Mark_Harwood from my event data. I have 1000's of events, which have a customer id with an amount field. I'd like to rollup all the events from each customer id to have an average and sum for their amount fields.

So if customer99 has amount = 1 in one event and amount = 2 in another, I want to rollup the data so that instead of 2 events, this is rolled into one "event" with the amount.sum=3 and amount.average=1.5. And I want that to happen for all customerid .

Is that possible with the rollup api?

If not, what is the best way to do this?

Take a look at the new dataframes

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