Rookie Question: Record a count in a new Index

Hey all,

I'm brand new to my Elastic journey. I am collecting some firewall logs, which accumulate really quickly. What would I like to do is create a new index based on the counts of some of my tags.

A daily record that says 10,000,000 'Standard - Denied by policy' takes up exponentially less space and is a lot easier to chart behaviour over a year, than storing 10,000,000 documents simply to count them.

My first thought is to run a cron/scheduled task on an outside server that simple runs the query then puts it into its own index, but I feel there must be a native way and I'm simply missing the terminology.

How can I run a daily a journal based on counts of my tags? Or at least correct my terminology so I can find what I'm looking for in the amazing documentation.

Thanks in advance.

I think you might want to check Index lifecycle policy
where I saw thing called "maximum document" that means it will roll over and create new index when it will reach that count.

I think I'm understanding the Lifecycle Management portion (although I'm sure it could be optimized as I learn more), what I am trying to do is demonstrate Firewall and network perimeter statistics, month over month and year over year.

I don't need the full firewall logs other than for a very short period for troubleshooting / investigations. 10,000,000 *365 = a LOT.

I think what I'm after is a workflow kind of like this:

  • Create an hourly/daily schedule
  • Create a Watcher that:
    • Uses the created schedule
    • Runs an Aggregation for my Tags
    • Has an Index Action to Put into /CyberStats or whatever boardroom / powerpointy index I create

Then I have a daily journal that I can show trending reports without maintaining a huge inventory of useless logs. Getting the syntax right looks like I'll need a cup of coffee.

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