Route on map


Is it possible to take all GPS points that I received and create route on the map.
Does the map in Kibana support it and if no is there a plugin for this?

I general, I got every x min the GPS coordinate and I want to display the route on map.

Thanks in advance

hi @wkpv68,

the answer is yes, perhaps no, depending on exactly what you require.

If you index every GPS-coordinate as a single document in Elasticsearch, you can use Kibana to create a heatmap of the data. This uses the ES geohash-aggregation, which aggregates these points on a grid. Kibana does position that aggregated point in the geometric-middle of all the points it aggregated. That will give you a visual effect of more or less that route, but not give you access to the individual points of the route.

Mapping individual documents (so without aggregating), such as individual points on a route, is an outstanding feature request. You can check that out and see if it describes your use-case.



How can i get the last update geo point in coordinate map?
i have several devices that reports current location and i want to show their current position on coordinate map.


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